CURRICULUM VITAE – Ann-Sofi Fagerberg

Aims and Content
In my work as an artist I aim for a simplified colorist expression of central themes:  Man’s Existence as a human being, the abundance of nature, the constant flow and vibrancy of life. Technically I am always searching for a way to make my pictures sensual and tactile.


Work experience
2007 -2009
Creative artistic work
Project Leader of an  EU financed project investigating conditions for establishing new Fine Art Galleries in Gothenburg, Sweden, Academy for Holistic Lifestyle.  Co-founder of Gallery Q, a Women Artist’s Association, Gothenburg, Sweden,

1995 - 2002
Project Leader for and Initiator of several empowerment projects for unemployed women. Project Leader for Book-projects, Exhibitions and also Counselor for project leaders of Fifty-Fifty – a Women Artists Association at the Resource Centre for Women in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Project leader/consultant -  investigating and implementing innovative projects. Project leader for local company news/ information by Text-TV at Telia, Gothenburg Sweden
Cofounder of an Art College- Gustavus Primus, ABF, -  in Gothenburg, Sweden

Commissions of trust

2007 -
Board member of Gallery  Q, an Association for Women Artists, Sweden, Board member of Örgryte Koloniträdgårdar, an Allotment Garden Association in Gothenburg, Sweden, Board member of the Condo Association Nybygget, Gothenburg, Sweden.
2005 – 2006
Board member of Fifty-Fifty, Association of Women artists, Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 - 2005
Board member of Orgryte Koloniträdgårdar, (an Allotment Garden Association in Gothenburg,) Sweden, Board member of the Resource Centre for Women in Gothenburg, Sweden

Portrait course at Gerlesborg Art College, Tanum, Sweden
1969-71, 1981
Gustav Primus Art College, Gothenburg, Sweden
Bachelor of HR(Psychology, Sociology etc), University of Gothenburg

Resent Exhibitions
Creare Centrum, Gothenburg, Sweden

Show at Töddeholm´s Gård, Simlångsdalen, Sweden , Gallery Ladan in Kållered. Sweden,
Morley Gallery, London, SCA  in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sjömanskyrkan(Sailor’s Church) in Gothenburg 2007, Gallery Q show at Simlångsdalen, Töddeholms Gård,  Sweden May
Gallery Atelier Hörnan, Gothenburg, Sweden, Gallery Q show at Gallery Ladan, Kållered, Sweden 2002-2005
Gallery Röda Sten, Gothenburg, Sweden, Växthuset, Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg, Sweden
Sjömanskyrkan in Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden   Stadsmuseet, Gothenburg (City Museum),
Sweden, KRIM - Artist’s Show at Majorna, Gothenburg, Sweden 2004  Stadsbiblioteket, Gothenburg (City Library Exhibition Hall), Sweden   Västra Frölunda House of Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden
The Resource Centre for Women, Gothenburg, Sweden.